Corporate action guideline

Action guideline

(1) Sincerity, honesty, spirit of service.
(2) Wisdom with knowledge. I do what I say (finite execution)
(3) Risk-conscious corporate behavior for environment, quality, cost, delivery date.
(4) Building a stable life and mentally comfortable behavior.

Corporate action policy

• Safety first
Protect employee safety and health with safety and disaster prevention.
• Globalization
Be conscious of global management.
• Legal compliance
Legal compliance & culture respect at domestic & overseas bases.
• Trust comes first
Customers are always right, cooperation company is dear friend.
• Concentration & creation
Always work on creative ideas.
• Field power
Corporate activities strength field skills.
• Cash flow
Our financial management is financial security with cash flow as top priority.
• Human resources
We respect human rights and individuality regardless of nationality and gender, maximize their creativity and expertise, and maintain an environment where they can demonstrate their abilities.
• Education & training
We educate our employees because of, always one step ahead of the other.
• Sustainability business
Work on sustainable business without temporary business.